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Get Involved

Update Contact Information – The HOA strives to maintain updated information for each resident in the event of an emergency or questions arise. Submit your information to receive HOA communication and newsletters.

Volunteer – We are always looking for new volunteers to assist with neighborhood projects, decorating or to serve on the HOA Board. If you are interested, let us know!

Want the Latest Gossip? Stagecoach has a presence on Facebook and NextDoor Neighborhood Page. We encourage you to like us on Facebook and create a profile on NextDoor to stay connected to the neighborhood.

Pay Annual HOA Dues

Residents can pay annual dues, late fees, and more by check or online. The current annual assessment is $350.00 per household and is due in January each year.

To pay online, visit Rent Payment to make your payment. An additional fee will be applied via the website depending on the type of payment (ACH, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, etc.).

To pay by check, residents can mail a check or drop it off at the mailbox located at the pool. The check is to be made payable to Stagecoach Trace and the mailing address is P.O. Box 1830, Alabaster, Alabama 35007.

Contact the HOA if you have any questions.

Annual HOA Budget

The Board of Directors work diligently to minimize costs while improving community infrastructure. This is the approved budget for FY 2023. In 2023, the HOA has provided tree trimming along Blue Sky Lane and a portion of Silverstone Lane that is south of Morning Mist, created a “welcome” postcard for new residents, and removed 3 trees around the neighborhood. Upgraded the pool’s internet and security camera system and transitioned to a new website, both as operational cost savings ($1,000). At the pool, an exhaust fan was replaced in the pump room, repairs made to the brick siding and pool shower, new parking lot signage, added (7) pool loungers, in addition to repainting pool furniture and entrance gate. These endeavors will not only improve residents experience within the community but also generate cost savings.

Resident Newsletters

Looking for a Past Newsletter? We post all newsletters on the blog.