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April 2024

Hoppy Day: The Easter Egg hunt was a success! There were over 20 kids that attended, and we had a huge response from residents! Over 700 eggs were donated for the event! The Board appreciates all the help that was received, and definitely from some special bunnies (Robert & Darlene McManus; Polly Brock; Bette Hefty; Dusty Crosswell & Heather McDermott) in hiding all the eggs. With this turnout and response from the neighborhood, we’ll host this event again next year!

Pool Opening: As the weather gets warmer, the question everyone wants to know is when will the pool open? If everything goes well with the annual Health Department inspection, the pool will open Saturday, May 11th.  Remember you have to be in good standing with annual dues paid for your gate code to be activated.  

Food Truck: Another popular question the Board receives, is can we get a food truck in the neighborhood? Your wishes have been answered! To celebrate the pool opening and also Mother’s Day, C’s Cake & Coffee House out of Montevallo will have a food truck at the pool, Saturday, May 11th  from 9am – 2pm. They will be serving breakfast and brunch items. We’ll share more information and the menu next month and on the HOA’s Facebook. To attract more food trucks in the future, we need a great turnout to make it worth their while.

Elections & Semi-Annual Board Meeting: We’ll be holding this year’s meeting at the pool on Thursday, June 6th at 6pm. We’re changing the location this summer to make it easier for attendance and increased participation. Voting will be open for two positions on the Stagecoach Trace Residential Association Board of Directors. Each position serves a three-year term, and each year, the terms of one or two members expire, and they can seek reelection or conclude their board service.

This year, Jessica Butzen will be seeking election after being appointed to the President position last Fall, when Dennis Bogart resigned with his term expiring in June 2024. Jessica previously served as Treasurer prior to the appointment. Lee Eshenbaugh will be seeking election after being appointed to the Member at Large position, when Amber Pennington was reassigned to Treasurer, after Jessica’s appointment. While both are seeking second terms, we want to open the field of candidates to any homeowner who is interested in running as well. If you would like more information on what is involved in serving on this volunteer board, or would like to be added to the ballot, please reply to this email by April 26. The ballot will also have a write-in option.

Spring Showers: As you’re working in your yard this spring, please refrain from blowing debris into the storm drains. With upcoming spring showers on the horizon, we need the drains to remain clear. The debris flows through others’ properties and along the trail, as our neighborhood does not have retention ponds. Bagging your debris makes a difference in keeping the neighborhood clean.

March 2024

Easter Egg Hunt (3/23): A bunny will be hopping through Stagecoach on Saturday, March 23 at 10am. Mark your calendars! This event is open to grandkids, nieces/nephews, and kids of the neighborhood. Meet at the gazebo near the playground/pool. Eggs will be hidden around the playground and throughout the cul-de-sac near the pool. This bunny will be covering a large area and is friendly for kids of all ages! Reply to let us know if you want to donate plastic eggs, prefilled eggs or candy for this event. If attending, reply to let us know how many kids you will bring. We’re trying to get a headcount to ensure plenty of eggs for everyone! 

Ladies Walking Group (3/20): After some interest was expressed, the Board would like to facilitate a few walking dates in hopes neighbors will take over and organically plan future walks. The 1st walk will be Wednesday, March 20 at noon. Join us for a daytime stroll around the neighborhood! With longer days on the horizon, we’ll have one soon in the evening as that received a lot of interest too! 

Facebook Group: If you haven’t joined the HOA Facebook group, join today! Don’t miss any neighborhood or event updates.

Playground Trees: As you’ve navigated the neighborhood recently, you may have noticed a few trees missing from the playground area. One recently fell during a storm, and the Board proceeded with removing two other trees due to large branches. Please use caution in the pine straw area as the ground still needs to settle from stump removals. This area will be left uncovered the next few months so if uneven settling occurs it can be addressed, as needed.  

Gratitude: The Board is super appreciative of some residents stepping forward this month to help with some projects around the neighborhood. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Garic Williams for staining the roof of the playground set and residents (Leigh Ann Foote, Zach Harris, Pat O’Brien, and Michelle and Jason McKenzie) who stepped forward and volunteered to clean street posts. As of today, we’ve been able to add a new coat of paint on posts at 5 intersections. There are some street posts remaining at the entrance, on Morning Mist and Blue Sky that need a good scrub in preparation of paint. If you’ll help clean these remaining posts, please reply and let us know!

Budget Friendly: These volunteers are not only serving the neighborhood but also aiding in keeping HOA annual dues from increasing. As the neighborhood ages, the need for maintenance increases. We’re really trying to utilize the volunteer route whether it’s with trail clean up or cleaning posts. An hour of your time really goes a long way!

Covenant Amendments: The Board shared an email last week announcing the approval of the changes, and the approved document was added to the HOA website.

Spring Cleaning: Reminder with warmer weather arriving, please take the time to address any pressure washing or repainting shutters if you received a letter back in the Fall. We know everyone is excited to battle the pollen as yards are resurrected with new blooms.

February 2024

Greetings, neighbors!

Volunteers: As everyone begins dabbling with spring cleaning, the HOA is looking to spruce up as well. The Board needs 9 residents to volunteer to clean a pair of street posts (street name/stop sign) at an intersection around the neighborhood. After the posts get a good scrub, the Board will be refreshing the black paint. Please reply if you’ll help us by cleaning the posts within an intersection.  

Modifying Covenants: The Board has received an initial draft back from the lawyer and is submitting revisions and feedback on the two amendments previously shared. We expect to receive and vote to approve the final version within the coming weeks. After the Board votes, we’ll email and put a copy in your mailbox, and then hold the vote the following week. Stay tuned for updates.

Political Signs: It’s an election year if you weren’t aware. The covenants state (Article IV, 4.7 Signs) that written authorization from the Board is required for signs. To keep it resident-friendly, we’re sharing guidance for acceptable signs. Political signs must be for a candidate only, and 1 sign per candidate. No party or slogans allowed. Signs must be posted in the yard only, not on the exterior or interior (windows) of your home. The sign can be posted 30 days before an election and must be removed within 10 days after the election. The sign cannot exceed 24 inches in height or width.

Tidy Up: As we arrive in February, we want to send a reminder to remove your outdoor Christmas décor, while also getting prepared for the upcoming rainy Spring weather. Please check your yard to ensure you’re not allowing muddy runoff onto the sidewalks. We have walkers coming out of hibernation and this creates a very slippery and dirty situation. With the nicer weather, please clear the leaves that have accumulated from the sidewalks and curbs.

Entrance Flag: We appreciate Bobbie Miller and Dennis Bogart for helping us quickly replace the flag at the entrance after it became tattered with the recent high winds.  

Take a Seat: With the warmer weather on the horizon, the Board purchased two benches for the playground area that will be setup in the coming days. This allows parents/grandparents a place to sit while they watch kids play instead of opting for the ground or squeezing into the small picnic table. If you’re walking feel free to take a rest while the squirrels scurry nearby.

HOA Dues: Reminder annual dues ($350) are now past due. If you haven’t paid them, please do so in the next few days to avoid late fees.

January 2024- Annual Meeting

HOA Annual Meeting – The annual meeting was held Monday, January 15th at 6 pm at Church of Shelby Crossing (532 George Roy Pkwy). There was a great turnout at the annual HOA meeting, and the Board really appreciates residents attending and sharing feedback. We also appreciate Councilman Zach Zahariadis for providing city updates with Hwy 119’s progress and the future redlight at Veterans Park, in addition to answering residents’ questions.

Vice President: The Board announced Megan Overton as the newly appointed resident to serve in this position and appreciates her volunteering to contribute to the neighborhood.

Annual Budget: The budget documents were shared that recapped this past year’s (FY23) expenditures, and the Board being resourceful in maximizing funds to maintain the neighborhood while also replenishing the HOA’s Savings account, without an increase in annual dues. The budget for 2024 was also shared with an outline of how the Board intends to allocate for the next two years.

This outline stems from the survey residents completed back in October, and the Board’s focus on completing maintenance before pursuing any new project. To achieve everything and keep annual dues from increasing, we need each household to volunteer with clean up days and projects so the neighborhood can continue to strive for improvements without raising annual dues.

Modifying Covenants: The annual meeting served as an info session as well to discuss the proposed changes (attached), that were previously shared within the HOA’s Facebook group and via email prior to the meeting. The Board has received all positive feedback thus far and will be moving forward with getting the HOA’s lawyer to draft the (2) amendments. The 1st covenant will be a completely new addition to restrict rental properties. The 2nd covenant adds some language to an existing covenant at the advice of the HOA’s lawyer, in the event of a situation such as natural disaster, foreclosure, etc., and after multiple communication attempts with the property owner.

HOA Dues: Reminder annual dues ($350) are due before January 31st.

December 2023

HOA Board Meeting – The in-person board meeting will be held Monday, January 15th at 6 pm at Church of Shelby Crossing (532 George Roy Pkwy). During this meeting, we will recap the past year and review the upcoming year’s budget. This meeting will also serve as an info session for modifying the covenants to no longer allow corporations to buy new properties for rental purposes. Mark your calendar and bring your questions so they can be addressed before a neighborhood vote is held to adopt the covenant modification.


Santa’s Helpers – The Board is super thankful for the help we received from a few elves (Donna Schoenherr, Tatum Abel and Heather McDermott) in getting the neighborhood decorated for a season of joy with garland, lights and bows. We appreciate residents stepping up to help whether it’s creating a bow or simply picking up trash or limbs on their daily walks.


HOA Dues – Invoices will be appearing in your mailbox soon. As we announced last month, the annual dues will remain unchanged at $350. With the holidays, the Board tries to provide ample time and notice before the Jan 31st due date. If you have any questions about the new payment methods, please contact us!


Vice President – After a year of service, Sheila Jeffreys is stepping down from the Vice President position due to some time constraints and her dedication to being a mom of two kids. We’ve appreciated her service and contributions to the neighborhood. In the interim, Amber Pennington (Treasurer) will cover the Vice President position until the Board is able to identify a replacement in the new year. If you have an interest in serving on the board, please let us know. 


That is all for now. Once again, we thank you for everything you do to make Stagecoach Trace a wonderful place to call home. If you have any questions for the Board, please reply to this email! 


November 2023

Fall Clean Up: Don’t forget the upcoming neighborhood volunteer clean-up day on Saturday, Nov 11. We’ll meet at the playground at 8AM and wrap up by noon. The clean-up day will focus on a portion of the trail and street trees. A few hours of your time can go a long way in serving the neighborhood! 

Adios Halloween: We had a great time getting into the spirit this past month. The Board appreciates Brooke Williams and Tatum Abel for coordinating the pumpkin carving event. Despite the wet weather and relocating to the pavilion it was a great time! If you missed the announcement on Facebook, our judges selected the blacklight illumination display at 125 Morning Mist Trail as the winner of the Halloween Décor Contest! Congratulations!

Facebook – New Group: If you’re on Facebook, you may have seen the HOA launch a private Residents-Only group. This group allows neighbors to engage with each other while sharing neighborhood specific information such as lost/found pets, events, needs, etc. Please join if you haven’t already!

HOA Dues: The Board has elected to keep annual dues for 2024 as-is at $350 with inflation still lingering. The HOA saw an increase with each utility service and general maintenance for the neighborhood this past year, as you’ve experienced as well. The Board remains committed to combating these expenses while being financially resourceful and keeping the neighborhood desirable. 

This past year, the board transitioned to a new website and internet service at the pool for some cost savings. As the neighborhood ages, board members and residents updated pool furniture this spring and put a new coat of stain on the playground this month. These efforts avoided the expense of contracting out services but also to prolong the need for replacement. Of course, the upcoming clean-up day with residents volunteering will help decrease the need to seek out a company.

HOA Dues – New Payment Methods: Invoices will appear in your mailbox before December and are due by January 31st. This year the Board will be accepting Venmo and Zelle payments. Residents can still pay by check or with a credit card online but with increasing credit card fees, the Board wanted to provide additional flexible options.

Neighborhood Upkeep: You may have noticed in prior newsletters the Board generating awareness for broad issues such as mailbox upkeep, pressure washing, faded shutters, trail fences, etc., before violation letters are issued. Another attempt we’ve made recently is sending informational letters to encourage specific upkeep before winter or spring depending on the topic. We’ve already seen some residents act and spruce up or clean up their properties, and we are appreciative of the quick response!

October 2023

Greetings Neighbors!

We Asked, You Spoke: We really appreciate everyone who completed the resident feedback survey. We received great input that represents a collective picture of the neighborhood. The Board will continue reviewing the feedback as we begin to discuss the upcoming year, and short-term vs long-term goals. Overall, there was a very strong desire to see more community engagement and we’ll look for ways to create those opportunities. Here’s a quick summary of the results.

  • Most utilized neighborhood features: Pool and Sidewalks
  • Amenity that provides the Most Value to the neighborhood: Pool (50%)
  • Amenity that provides the Least Value to the neighborhood: Both Gazebos (over 85%) – Sunset Park Gazebo alone (74%)
  • Community Events hosted in the neighborhood: 75% in favor – most requested was food truck
  • Volunteer Clean Up Days Participation: 58% in favor with 27% as “maybes” or would indirectly contribute supplies
  • Amending Covenants to prohibit corporations from purchasing homes for rental properties: 87% in favor

Stagecoach is getting Booo-tiful: You may have noticed some neighbors and the front entrance have gotten into the Halloween spirit recently! If you haven’t, we have two neighborhood events to help you find your spooky bone. 

  • Outdoor Décor Contest – The HOA will hold a contest to find the most spirited house. Participating houses will be judged on Oct 30.
  • Pumpkin Carving – Some neighbors will be hosting a little community pumpkin carving fun at the playground on Sunday, Oct 15 at 3pm. Bring your carving tools and pumpkins and let’s all kick off cooler weather together. Some seating will be available, but feel free to bring your lawn chairs for extra comfort!

Unwelcome Visitor Update: As we previously communicated there was a man checking for unlocked cars last week. We posted videos on the HOA’s Facebook page in hopes of identifying him. As of today, thankfully no residents have reported anything missing or damaged.

School Parking: We understand it’s convenient to park in the front cul-de-sac to walk your kiddos over to Meadow View and that nonresidents do this too. Recently, the intersection has become blocked so let’s do our part by parking in the cul-de-sac and taking a few extra steps. If you see a nonresident, please advise them to be mindful too. A blocked intersection creates a burden on those trying to leave the neighborhood but also a safety concern for drivers and the littles too.

Pressure Wash Reminder: We’re requesting that everyone take a look at their siding in case some Fall cleaning is needed. The Board is trying to create awareness before reminders are sent to homeowners. Simple cleaning tasks are what keep the neighborhood looking great.

Kudzu: While Stagecoach is getting creepy this month so is the kudzu. If you notice it, please remove it and treat it ASAP as it will continue to spread.

Other Dates to Remember:

Oct 5 – Meadow View Elementary’s Fall Festival: Interested in food trucks, vendor booths, inflatables, or carnival games? This annual event is $10 if you want to partake in the activities or you can walk over for the food trucks for free! More info is posted on their Facebook. 

Oct 7 – Free Landfill Day: Need to get rid of extra junk that’s magically appeared, take advantage of this opportunity. More info is provided on Shelby County’s website. 

September 2023

Greetings, neighbors!

We hope you are enjoying the end of Summer! We have a few updates to share. 

Pool Closing – The pool is officially closed after a great pool season. Whether it was to catch some rays, cool off or to host a party, it was great to see many families enjoy this community amenity. We saw minimal issues this year and are appreciative of all the residents who made it an enjoyable summer!

Board Members – After over a decade of serving the neighborhood, Dennis Bogart has stepped down from serving as President. The Board voted at Sunday’s (9/10) meeting to realign the Board of Directors with the following assignments and new appointments. Each member’s dedication to serve this community is much appreciated and allows the HOA to keep management within our own neighborhood. 

  • Jessica Butzen, President (reassigned) 
  • Sheila Jeffreys, Vice President (unchanged)
  • Michelle McKenzie, Secretary (unchanged)
  • Amber Pennington, Treasurer (reassigned) 
  • Lee Eshenbaugh, Member at Large (new appointment)

Dueling Duo – We’ve had a few sightings around the neighborhood of a pair of hawks that have taken up residency nearby. We ask that you remain cautious with bird or squirrel feeders as the hawks have been scouting these. Also be aware of any small pets that they may find appealing.

Sparkling Homes – As cooler days are (hopefully) on the horizon, we are requesting that everyone take a look at their siding. Several homes need a good scrubbing and we want to create awareness before reminders are sent. Simple cleaning tasks are what keeps the neighborhood looking great. This also allows an opportunity to pressure wash before cooler weather arrives.

Exterior Modifications – Just a reminder, if you plan any exterior modifications to your home, or add a fence or shed, you need to contact the Board beforehand. The information is provided on the HOA website. The request process is listed under the Architectural Review Committee and if you need a refresher of requirements, the Covenants are posted too. 

Halloween – Before October arrives, we wanted to address a common question that’s asked each year. What day will Halloween be celebrated in the neighborhood for trick-or-treating? Each year it’s the same response of Oct 31st. We want this year to be another great turnout and festivity among neighbors.

August 2023

Greetings, neighbors!

We hope you are enjoying your Summer and staying cool! We have a few updates to share.

Pool Closing – We’ve had a great pool season this year and appreciate all of the neighbors for making it a successful and safe summer! The pool will be closing for the season Sunday, September 10th at 5pm. Go enjoy some more dips to cool off and take advantage of this community amenity. 

Board Members – As a reminder, Dennis Bogart will be stepping down as President in September. We appreciate all that Dennis has done for Stagecoach Trace over the past decade. The Board will advise the reorganization of Board members and positions at the September Board meeting and will announce the changes within September’s newsletter. We are always looking for new members to serve on the Board or to volunteer seasonally, please let us know if you are interested.

Safety/Speeding/Street Parking – As the school year is now upon us and buses are back to navigating the neighborhood, speeding and street parking becomes a bigger safety issue for children. Excessive street parking and multiple cars in front of a home makes it difficult for neighbors to back out of driveways, school buses to clear certain turns, and challenging for drivers to see who’s coming as they are forced to use the wrong side of the road. Please slow down when traveling through the neighborhood. We have a great neighborhood with kids out playing and riding bicycles, and we want to keep it a safe place for outdoor activities.

Grass Clippings – As you keep your yards looking great and tackling your lawns that seem to grow quicker each day, we ask that you don’t blow your grass clippings into the road. It creates drainage issues for neighbors when the clippings clog the storm drains, and makes the neighborhood look unkempt. Our city trash collection will pick up the bags of clippings each Friday too. 

July 2023

Greetings, neighbors!

We hope you are having a great Summer! We have a few updates to share. 

Board Meeting Recap – The HOA Board held its summer meeting on June 15 with residents in attendance, and Amber Pennington was elected Member at Large by unanimous vote. Dennis Bogart announced he will be resigning from the HOA Board in September when the pool closes after serving a decade as President. We reviewed and shared the annual HOA Budget and current FY expenditures. The neighborhood is now over 20 years old and we discussed the need to keep it looking great and to stand out from all of the other neighborhoods being built around us. Attention is in the details! To ensure we keep aging gracefully it’s important to maintain our fences as many have aged with the neighborhood and to not overlook mailbox upkeep. Some mailboxes can be revived in 5 minutes with a few Clorox sprays and a wipe down. If it’s covered in rust, after you clean it, spend 10 minutes with some spray paint.

Sidewalks – With the recent heavy rain storms, please check your sidewalks to prevent a neighbor from sliding or taking a hazardous fall. Some of the sidewalks have become saturated with mud from runoff due to recent yard work or lack of edging. Let’s keep the sidewalks safe and clean. Like most, a visit to the doctor is not what any of us have on our summer checklist.

Molly Maid @ the Pool – We’ve had a great and very busy pool season! We’ve seen many of you out enjoying the pool and trying to cool off from the sweltering heat. We’re dedicated to keeping the pool area clean and providing your family with a nice place to visit, and wanted to share a reminder. If you spill a 40 oz red drink, please use the hose to wash it away. Drop some lunch crumbs, please use the broom to sweep it up. If you find a sticky situation and need some cleaning spray, you’ll hit the jackpot by looking under each bathroom sink. These quick gestures will prevent ants from biting the toes of our little visitors.

June 2023

HOA Board Meeting – June 15th: The in-person board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 15th at 7:00 p.m. at Church of Shelby Crossing (532 George Roy Pkwy). During this meeting, we will elect the At-Large position. This position is open to anyone that would like to volunteer to serve on the board. Currently, Amber Pennington holds this position and will be seeking re-election. We have requested interest from other residents who would like to be considered for this position and as of today, received no responses. There is a write-in option on the ballot. 

Free Summer Kid Meals: If your kids work up an appetite from swimming or they’re annihilating your grocery budget, or the grandkids are visiting, take a stroll to Meadowview Elementary. Alabaster City Schools is offering free summer breakfast and lunch meals June 5 – July 21 for kids 18 years old or younger, and they don’t have to be an ACS student! Breakfast is served 7:30-8:30 and lunch is served 11:00-12:30. Adults can also participate too. For adults, breakfast is $3 and lunch is $5. No registration or approvals needed. We are very fortunate to have this resource in our backyard! Visit ACS website for menus or more info.

Spruce Up: The neighborhood is looking great and alive now that everything has bloomed! As you tend to your yards, please be sure to look at your fence and mailbox for maintenance. We have some aging fences in the neighborhood that need to be spruced up or replaced. There are also some leaning and rusted mailboxes that need some attention too.  

Pool Season: The pool has seen a lot of visitors the past few weeks and so far is off to a great season! You might have noticed we have added 5 new lounge chairs this past week to help with seating and to also begin replacing the older chairs in phases. 

A Community, not Motorcross: As a reminder, motorized vehicles, including dirt bikes and 4-wheelers, are prohibited from accessing the trail and the field behind the pool. This is community property and not a public ATV track. Not only does this prevent damage but it’s also a safety concern. Last month, a child was airlifted out of Veteran’s Park from a nearby neighborhood after getting hit on a dirt bike by a car. We have neighbors walking their animals or playing with their kids in these areas with the expectation of safety, and not thrill seeking children. 

May 2023

We have a few exciting updates to pass along. 

Pool Season: The pool is officially open! Come get an early start on your summer! Let’s have a safe and responsible pool season! The pool opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. Kids under the age of 10 require a guardian present; Kids 10-16 require an adult 21+ present. There is also a new internet connection for your use. Look for the directions in the club house. Lastly, you must be in good standing and have paid your HOA Dues to access the pool. If you’ve forgotten your pool code, simply reply to this email.

New Website: The HOA will be launching a new and improved website this month. Our current site has become costly to maintain and a fresh start is needed. To make the website more visually appealing and to show off Stagecoach, we are in need of updated photos from around the neighborhood. If you have any that you are willing to share for the website, please send them to us. 

The new website will no longer require login credentials. To aid our transition for the Member Directory, we need each resident to submit this form. Submissions will help us get a head start and will allow you to keep receiving HOA communication.

Yard Sale: Reminder about residents coordinating yard sales around the neighborhood on Saturday June 3rd. Hopefully this will help some of you figure out what to do with your spring cleaning piles. If you participate, you need to obtain a garage sale permit from the city. This is a city rule and we are simply the messenger. 

At-Large Position: We will be voting at our in person June board meeting for the At-Large position. This position is open to anyone that would like to volunteer to serve on the board. Currently, Amber Pennington holds the position and will be seeking re-election. If you would like to be added to the ballot or have interest in serving on the board in the future or in other capacities as needs open up, please reply to this email.. 

April 2023

We hope you’re enjoying the Spring weather and we wanted to share a few updates.

Boats/RV/Sheds: Warmer weather encourages residents to bring out their boats and campers from winter hibernation. We want to remind you they are not allowed to be stored in your driveway. We do not mind if you clean them or load/unload in your driveway but they are prohibited from being stored there. Review the covenants if you need a spring refresh. If spring cleaning encourages you to purchase a shed for your yard tools, the storage shed requirements are provided on the website too. 
Pool ReOpening: Pool season is approaching! Pending a good inspection and if weather permits, we’ll try to open it mid-May. If we encounter the summer blues, it will open Memorial Day weekend, Saturday May 27th. You will notice the new camera system and wifi sign when you visit the pool. Both were upgraded recently to increase security for the pool, playground, and parking lot. Reminder, you must be in good standing and have paid your HOA Dues to access the pool.

THANK YOU: In preparation of the pool reopening, we had some neighbors and board members put in much needed elbow grease to benefit the community. The pool furniture, entry gate and picnic tables were all pressure washed and received a new coat of paint, in addition to the pool pavilion getting a nice scrubbing. All this work will provide a clean space for your family but will also preserve the longevity of the furniture, which helps our budget! We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to the volunteers, Zach Harris, Heather McDermott, Chris & Jessica Butzen, and Jason & Michelle McKenzie for getting the pool area ready for the season.

Yard Sale: Some neighbors have reached out about multiple residents coordinating yard sales around the neighborhood on Saturday June 3rd. Hopefully this will help some of you figure out what to do with your spring-cleaning piles. Reminder if you participate, you need to obtain a garage sale permit from the city. This is a city rule and we are simply the messenger. 

At-Large Position: We will be voting at our in-person June board meeting for the At-Large position. This position is open to anyone that would like to volunteer to serve on the board. Currently, Amber Pennington holds the position and will be seeking re-election. If you would like to be added to the ballot or have interest in serving on the board in the future or in other capacities as needs open up, please let us know.

That is all for now. Once again, we thank you for everything you do to make Stagecoach Trace a wonderful place to call home.

March 2023

We hope you’re enjoying the brief introduction of Spring weather as we share a few updates.

Spring Cleanup: It’s that time of year to bring the mowers back out and everyone begins working in their yards to bring our neighborhood back to life. While you’re cleaning the pollen off of everything, we ask that you take a look at your fence and mailbox to ensure they are in good condition. Is it leaning, does it need a new coat of paint or does it need to be replaced? If the mailbox post needs to be replaced, you can take a picture to Lowes or Home Depot and ask them to order one for you. 

Street Tree Trimming: You may have also noticed, tree trimming has begun in the neighborhood and will continue to take place along Silverstone Lane, Blue Sky Lane, and south of Morning Mist. 

Driving in Stagecoach: We have received numerous complaints about dangerous drivers in the neighborhood in the hours before and after school. Drivers are speeding and totally ignoring stop signs, especially along Silverstone Lane and Sunset Trail. During these hours, children are walking the streets and waiting for their buses on sidewalks. We all need to slow down and pay attention to stop signs or someone will get hurt. Please everyone, teens and adults, THINK when you drive.

Pool ReOpening: Everyone’s favorite season is coming up… Pool season! The pool will tentatively open Memorial Day weekend, Saturday May 27th. Pending a good inspection and if weather permits, we’ll try to open it possibly sooner on Saturday, May 20th. Reminder, you must be in good standing and have paid your HOA Dues to access the pool. If you’ve forgotten your pool code, just let us know.

At-Large Position: We will be voting at our in person June board meeting for the At-Large position. This position is open to anyone that would like to volunteer to serve on the board. Currently, Amber Pennington holds the position and will be seeking re-election. If you would like to be added to the ballot or have interest in serving on the board in the future or in other capacities as needs open up, please email us your information. 

Decorating Committee: Amber is also looking for anyone that likes to decorate to volunteer for the decorating committee. The position doesn’t require a lot of commitment, just a few times a year.

February 2023

We hope you are enjoying the last days of Winter as pass along a few updates.

In-Person HOA Board Meeting: We would like to thank everyone who came out to the in-person board meeting. We reviewed the 2023 budget, shared updates and answered some residents’ questions. We appreciate City Councilman Zach Zahariadis and Mayor Scott Brakefield for attending and sharing updates on city projects. 

HOA Dues & Contact Information: A lot of you have sent in your information and paid your annual dues, but if you haven’t had a chance, please send in any changes to your contact information. Late Dues: please pay your dues as soon as possible to avoid late fees that will be assessed at the end of February. Legal action will be taken against people who are behind on their dues and can include foreclosure.

General Updates: As we move into the new budget year, you will notice a few new signs appearing or being replaced around the neighborhood, including in the pool’s parking lot. Last week, you may have encountered Zamora Tree Service removing an extremely large tree that had met its end of life near Sunrise Park off of Sunset Trail. We have also updated the internet and cameras at the pool. This isn’t only a cost savings but will provide extra security at the pool. The upgraded cameras now span out to include the playground and parking lot, and contain a spotlight and siren system to deter unwanted guests from tampering with the HOA common areas. Upgrading the internet will also serve pool guests with wifi access while at the pool. A sign will be posted at the pool with the new wifi information.


President Position: After years of service, Dennis will be stepping down as President later this year. The President’s position will be coming open in September and we need someone to serve in this role. The President is responsible for the pool, maintenance contracts, and handling other various issues while keeping the Board, as a whole, on track.  

Decorating Committee: Amber is asking for anyone that likes to decorate to volunteer to be on the decorating committee. The position doesn’t require a lot of commitment, just a few times a year.

Speeding: Please slow down when traveling through the neighborhood. As it gets warmer there are more neighbors out walking and kids riding bicycles, we want to be sure everyone is safe.

Control the Pets: We have received some complaints about barking dogs and homeowners being disrupted while enjoying their backyards, working from home or sleeping during the day if they work the night shift. We ask that everyone be a considerate and respectful neighbor and resolve any prolonged periods of your barking. As warmer weather approaches, please keep your dogs in fenced areas or otherwise contained on your property. And if you are having trouble with dogs roaming areas around your house, the best action to take is to call Animal Control from the City of Alabaster. The number is 205-664-6761. Animal Control has the authority to respond and enforce city ordinances.